Removing Sink master Garbage Disposal Parts & Simple Repair Tips

When installing a replacement, doing a repair, or dealing with a clogged drain, there are a few Sink master garbage disposal leaking parts that you should know how to remove. The Anaheim Manufacturing Company manufactures these systems, and for the most part, they have some really impressive ratings in terms of operating ability and efficiency.

Depending on cost, they are available with different levels of power, styles, and models, so whatever your particular needs are for dealing with your food waste, you should be able to find an ideal unit for you.

These types of systems are connected under the bottom of your sink with a mounting kit, and they run on electricity to operate the disposal blades. Once the food is ground into small particles, it is washed with water out of the disposal through your drain line.

Below are some step-by-step instructions for unclogging a unit and stripping it back so you can replace the parts of your sink master unit if necessary.

Removal to Unclog a Unit

There may come a time when you need to unclog your unit. It happens to even the world’s top brands like Insinkerator for various reasons. You never know when your child might perform a disappearing act with their toy down the drain!

• First, you need to turn the power off by unplugging the unit or shutting off the circuit breaker, depending on how your disposer is hooked up.

• Remove the panel cover that you will find where the wire enters. This is easily done with a screwdriver. Now, prior to touching any inside terminals, make sure there is no power going to them by using a Voltmeter. If there is no power, proceed to unscrew the terminal and pull the wires out.

• Place a large bowl or bucket underneath the Sink master to catch any spillage. Carefully unscrew the hose clamp that is holding the line to the dishwasher in place. Go ahead and pull this line right off the nipple of the disposal.

• Use your screwdriver to take off the screws that are currently holding the outlet for the drain in place.

• Use a pair of pliers and then loosen the coupling that is holding the line of the drain in place and pull this out through the hole on the unit’s side.

• Disconnect the disposal from its mounting bracket. If you happen to be connected with a snap-ring, insert a flat screwdriver and snap right between the flange and the snap-ring.

• Twist the disposal in a counterclockwise direction to remove it away from the sink. You may need to loosen the clamp that you will find on the side if you happen to have a three-bold assembly. You can do this by simply turning the handle also in a counterclockwise direction.

• The last step to removing Sinkmaster garbage disposal parts is to pull down and lift the edge away from the mount. Twist slightly to pull away from the clamp, and then to remove completely, pull straight down.

Where To Buys Sink master Parts?

There are various websites that have sink master garbage disposal leaking parts readily available. Of course, you could go direct to sink master, and I would definitely recommend this if your unit is under warranty.

They should also provide for a technician to come out and replace the parts for you if this is the case. If your unit is not under warranty, then it will be easier to find a site with the parts that provide a quick shipping service – the smell of a clogged garbage disposal leaking unit is not fun after all!